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    99== Details == 
     10trig2disk allows an Earthworm to save waveform data to several formats: sac, ah, PCSUDS, Earthworm tankplayer, GSE, and Seisan. Trig2disk reads type_triglist2k messages from its message ring (e.g. those produced by arc2trig and by carltrig) and writes triggered data files to disk. It uses the same putaway routines as waveman2disk. Minimal location code support is provided but is naturally output data format dependent. 
     12PSN4 format was added for windows in Earthworm 7.1 (contact for details). 
     14MSEED format was added for solaris in Earthworm 7.1. 
     16WFDISC format was added for Linux in Earthworm 7.4.[[BR]] 
     17wfdisc format can take advantage of a wfdisc params config file which must be located at "EW_PARAMS/wfdisc_params.d" where EW_PARAMS is the EW_PARAMS env variable. The content of this file is very specific and allows one to specify station/channel specific information on chanid, calib, calper, instype and segtype. See the command document for file syntax and formatting 
     19The ah data is in xdr format which is transparent between sun/solaris and intel/NT so long as the ioroutin.c interface is used. 
     21The NT port of the xdr routines was accomplished by modifying the OpenBSD code from the ftp site at umich. Thus modifications must include this source should be careful not to remove the copyright statements and can't be sold. Cavalier commenting of pieces of this source that weren't needed to write local xdr is ubiquitous. Thus it is not rpc compatible. 
     23Will get restarted if restartMe is in the .desc 
     25This module is cloned from ora_trace_save. Thanks Alex. The putaway routines are cloned from those in earth2sac. Thanks Pete. Many others contributed the various format putaway routines. 
    1127On startup, trig2disk reads the configuration file named on the command line. Commands in this file set all the parameters used for reading triglist2k messages and writing sac, ah, suds, gse, seisan, or tankplayer format. In the control file, lines may begin with a valid trig2disk command (listed below) or with one of 2 special characters: