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    110110'''!GetFromDir [dir]'''[[BR]] 
    111111Processed by: tankplayer_config[[BR]] 
    112 Function: Playback      [[BR]] 
     112Function: Playback      [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    114114Defines the directory  dir where to find tank files. This cannot be used in conjunction with !WaveFile mode of running. If you set this parameter, then you may also set the !OpenWait, !OpenTries, !CheckPeriod, and !SaveDataFiles. 
    119119'''!InterMessageDelayMillisecs [n_msecs]'''[[BR]] 
    120120Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    121 Function: Playback      [[BR]] 
     121Function: Playback      [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    123123Defines the speed with which to release tracebufs  in units of milliseconds n_msecs This should be used with caution since it speeds up the playback and can overwhelm some modules if buffers are not sufficient sizes and CPU speed is not fast enough. Some experimentation is required to use this option for rapid playback. 
    128128'''!HeartBeatInt [nsec]'''      [[BR]] 
    129129Processed by: tankplayer_config         [[BR]] 
    130 Function: Earthworm setup       [[BR]] 
     130Function: Earthworm setup       [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    132132Defines the number of seconds nsec between TYPE_HEARTBEAT messages issued by tankplayer. 
    138138'''!IgnoreTBVersionNumbers [switch]'''  [[BR]] 
    139139Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    140 Function: Playback      [[BR]] 
     140Function: Playback      [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    142142Prevents tankplayer from objecting to tracebuf2 packets that don't have the correct version field. Not recommended. 
    147147'''!LogFile [switch]''' [[BR]] 
    148148Processed by: tankplayer_config         [[BR]] 
    149 Function: output        [[BR]] 
     149Function: output        [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    151151Sets the on-off switch for writing a log file to disk. If switch is 0, no log file will be written. If switch is 1, tankplayer will write a daily log file(s) called tankplayerxx.log_yymmdd where xx is tankplayer's module id (set with "!MyModuleId" command) and yymmdd is the current UTC date (ex: 960123) on the system clock. The file(s) will be written in the EW_LOG directory (environment variable). 
    156156'''!MyModuleId [mod_id]'''      [[BR]] 
    157157Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    158 Function: Earthworm setup       [[BR]] 
     158Function: Earthworm setup       [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    160160Sets the module id for labeling all outgoing messages. mod_id is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique single-byte number. Tankplayer also places this module id in the module id field of each waveform message header before it puts the message into shared memory. 
    166166'''!OpenTries [n]'''    [[BR]] 
    167167Processed by: tankplayer_config         [[BR]] 
    168 Function: Playback      [[BR]] 
     168Function: Playback      [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    170170Defines the number  n of times to retry opening a tank file found in the !GetFromDir directory. The purpose of this parameter is that sometimes if a copy is used to move the file, it will not be finished writing by the time the tankplayer module gets to it. For that reason, the OpenTries number of open attempts is made to open the file for updating (even though it is just being read from). This assures the file can be read exclusively by the tankplayer module. If the file is not readable after 5 tries it is not attempted. Between each try, the program waits !OpenWait milliseconds. 
    175175'''!OpenWait [n]'''     [[BR]] 
    176176Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    177 Function: Playback              [[BR]]   
     177Function: Playback              [[BR]]  [[BR]]   
    179179Defines the number  n  milliseconds to pause before retrying an open of a file in the !GetFromDir directory. 
    184184'''!Pause [nsec]'''     [[BR]] 
    185185Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    186 Function: Playback              [[BR]]   
     186Function: Playback              [[BR]]          [[BR]] 
    188188Defines the integer number of seconds nsec to pause after completing the playback of one waveform file before starting the playback of the next. Tankplayer will continue to issue its heartbeat while it is in pause-mode. 
    194194'''!PlayMsgType [type]'''       [[BR]] 
    195195Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    196 Function: Playback              [[BR]] 
     196Function: Playback              [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    198198Tells tankplayer what type of message the waveform file(s) contain. type is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique single-byte number. By the message-type, tankplayer knows the format of the waveform message; currently tankplayer only knows how to read and manipulate TYPE_ADBUF TYPE_TRACEBUF, and TYPE_TRACEBUF2 waveform messages. 
    204204'''!RingName [ring]'''  [[BR]] 
    205205Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    206 Function: Earthworm setup       [[BR]]           
     206Function: Earthworm setup       [[BR]]          [[BR]]   
    208208Tells tankplayer which shared memory region to use for output. ring is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique number for the key to the shared memory region. 
    213213'''!SaveDataFiles [n]'''        [[BR]] 
    214214Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    215 Function: Playback              [[BR]]   
     215Function: Playback              [[BR]]          [[BR]] 
    217217If  n  is set to 1, then the tankfiles found in the !GetFromDir directory are saved to !GetFromDir/save. If n is set to 0, the tank files are deleted.. 
    222222'''!SendLate [xsec]'''  [[BR]] 
    223223Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    224 Function: Playback      [[BR]] 
     224Function: Playback      [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    226226Defines the integer number of seconds xsec before current time to label the packets with. This is useful for carlsubtrig usage and tuning. 
    232232'''!StartUpDelay [xsec]'''      [[BR]] 
    233233Processed by: tankplayer_config [[BR]] 
    234 Function: Playback      [[BR]] 
     234Function: Playback      [[BR]]  [[BR]] 
    236236Defines the integer number of seconds xsec to wait on startup before beginning the playback of the first waveform file. Tankplayer will continue to issue its heartbeat while it is in startup-delay mode. 
    242242'''!WaveFile [path-file]'''     [[BR]] 
    243243Processed  by: tankplayer_config        [[BR]] 
    244 Function: Playback              [[BR]]   
     244Function: Playback              [[BR]]  [[BR]]   
    246246Gives the name path-file of one waveform file that tankplayer should play back. path-file is a character string up to 45 characters long. Up to 50 "!WaveFile" commands may be issued. Tankplayer will play the files in the order that they were listed in the configuration file, pausing between files by amount of time set in the "Pause" command. All files must contain the same type of waveform message (specified in the "!PlayMsgType" command).