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    33= [wiki:Earthworm Earthworm] Module: tankplayer = 
    44'''Contributed by: ''' 
    56== Function == 
    67Simulates an adsend module: reads a waveform file and puts waveform messages in shared memory in pseudo-real-time 
    79== Details == 
    810Tankplayer reads file(s) containing waveform messages (of either TYPE_ADBUF, TYPE_TRACEBUF, or TYPE_TRACEBUF2) from a single data source. It places the waveform messages into shared memory in simulated real time, using the delta-t between time-stamps in successive message headers to determine its timing. On startup, tankplayer reads the configuration file named on the command line. Commands in this file set up all parameters used in playing back waveform messages from a file to a shared memory ring. In the control file, lines may begin with a valid tankplayer command (listed below) or with one of 2 special characters: 
    9395In the following section, all configuration file commands are listed in alphabetical order. Listed along with the command (bold-type) are its arguments (in red), the name of the subroutine that processes the command, and the function within the module that the command influences. A detailed description of the command and is also given. Default values and the values used by Calnet are listed after each command description. 
     97The following list is organized by: 
    96 command '''arg1'''                              processed by            function 
     99command [argument here] 
    98 CheckPeriod '''n'''                     tankplayer_config       Playback                 
     101'''!CheckPeriod [n]''' 
     102Processed by: tankplayer_config  
     103Function: Playback               
    100105Defines the n seconds delay that the GetFromDir should be checked for new tank files. Note that this only effects checks when no tanks are being played back. 
    102107Default:  1                              
    104 GetFromDir '''dir'''                    tankplayer_config       Playback         
     109'''GetFromDir [dir]''' 
     110Processed by: tankplayer_config 
     111Function: Playback       
    106113Defines the directory  dir where to find tank files. This cannot be used in conjunction with WaveFile mode of running. If you set this parameter, then you may also set the OpenWait, OpenTries, CheckPeriod, and SaveDataFiles. 
    108115Default:  none                           
    110 InterMessageDelayMillisecs n_msecs                      tankplayer_config       Playback                 
     117InterMessageDelayMillisecs [n_msecs] 
     118Processed by: tankplayer_config  
     119Function: Playback               
    111120Defines the speed with which to release tracebufs  in units of milliseconds n_msecs This should be used with caution since it speeds up the playback and can overwhelm some modules if buffers are not sufficient sizes and CPU speed is not fast enough. Some experimentation is required to use this option for rapid playback. 
    112122Default:  none                           
    113124HeartBeatInt nsec                       tankplayer_config       Earthworm setup          
    114125Defines the number of seconds nsec between TYPE_HEARTBEAT messages issued by tankplayer.