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    9191You should now be able to run earthworm without being root. 
     93==== Earthworm NT Autostart ==== 
     94Following are steps needed to have earthworm (EW) start up automatically when a PC running Windows NT Workstation 4.0 boots up. 
     96Overview of the steps: 
     98Create new user 'earthworm' 
     99Setup the PC so that it automatically logs in as 'earthworm' upon reboot 
     100Setup EW so that it starts up every time user 'earthworm' logs in 
     101Note: Selecting menu choices is denoted as follows: 
     105This would mean that the Start menu is to be selected first, then Programs, etc. 
     1091. Create new user earthworm 
     110a. Click on Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->User Manager 
     111User manager window should come up 
     113b.Click on User->New User 
     114New user window should come up. 
     116Fill in the fields: 
     117Username:    earthworm 
     118Password:    earthworm 
     120Make sure that the box labeled "User Must Change Password.." is NOT checked. 
     122c. Setup groups - click on the "Groups" Icon 
     123Groups window should come up 
     125Select all groups in the right hand screen, then click Add, then click OK. 
     126Back in the New User window, Click OK. 
     127Back in the User Manager, Click USER->EXIT. 
     1292. Automatic login 
     130a. Start the registry editor: 
     131Click on Start->Run, type  "regedt32" in the box, then click OK. 
     133b. Registry editor window should open. Click the Window titled 
     136c. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE window should come to the foreground. Double click on the following: 
     139d. Now we need to create and/or set some values in the registry in the right hand section of the window. 
     140i. AutoAdminLogon 
     141If the AutoAdminLogon exits: 
     142Double click on the AutoAdminLogon field. Enter 1 in the pop up window. 
     144If the AutoAdminLogon does not exit: From the EDIT pull down menu, choose AddValue. In the pop up window, enter "AutoAdminLogon" in the ValueName box.  Choose 'REG_SZ' for the data type.  Click OK. Enter 1 in the next pop up window; then click OK. 
     146ii. DefaultUserName 
     147Click on Edit->Add Value. A dialog box should come up. Fill in: 
     148Value Name:    DefaultUserName   click OK, another window comes up. Fill in: 
     149String: earthworm 
     150Click OK. 
     152iii. DefaultPassword 
     153Follow the step above to add another value: 
     155Value Name:    DefaultPassword 
     156String:        earthworm 
     158When all is said and done, the following values whould be listed inthe right hand window: 
     160DefaultUserName     earthworm 
     161DefaultPassword     earthworm 
     162AutoAdminLogon      1 
     164e. Click on Registry->Exit 
     1663. Automatic Earthworm Startup during login 
     168a. Restart the PC.  If everything in step 1 and 2 was done correctly, the PC will automatically log you in as earthworm. 
     170b. Make sure that the EW automatic startup script exists -- it should be called something like c:\earthworm\run\params\autostart_ew_nt.cmd. 
     171Example autostart_ew_nt.cmd: 
     172call ew_nt.cmd 
     173call startstop.exe 
     175c. Click on Start->Settings->Taskbar 
     176Taskbar window should come up. Click on the "Start Menu Programs" tab. 
     177Click on "Advanced". NT Explorer should come up. 
     179d. By double clicking on the appropriate directories, find: 
     183The right hand side window under Startup should be empty. 
     185e. Create a shortcut to the EW automatic startup script: In the right hand side window, click the right button, then select New->Shortcut. 
     187A new window should come up, in the box enter the full path to the autostart_ew_nt script, click NEXT, and then click FINISH.  OR click on Browse to select the path to the script using NT Explorer, highlight the autorestart_ew_nt.cmd, click OPEN, then NEXT, and then click FINISH.  Last.  then click OK in the TaskBar window. 
     191  - user earthworm must have a password in order for automatic login to 
     192    work. This means that password cannot be blank. 
     194  - make sure that when creating user earthworm it is added to all groups, 
     195    particularly the administrator group, since earthworm will be the only 
     196    user that can log in once the registry is changed. 
     202Whenever a new version of Earthworm is installed, or a new 
     203configuration directory is desired, the autostart script 
     204must be updated. Basically, the file autostart_ew_nt.cmd mentioned 
     205above consists of the main command file ew_nt.cmd (which is 
     206located in the params directory of the current configuration), 
     207with the addition of the startstop command which starts earthworm 
     208automatically. Therefore, whenever ANY changes are made to 
     209the local of the active ew_nt.cmd, the 
     210autostart_ew_nt.cmd file should be update. 
     214==== StartstopConsole Overview (Windows Only) ==== 
     215The StartstopConsole connects to a running instance of Windows Startstop via named pipes and creates a Windows command prompt window. It's useful when running Startstop Service, and you need to apply command line tools like "restart", "reconfigure", "status", "pidpau" or "pau". 
     217Configuration Hint In order to get this to work on XP you need to disable the "XP Welcome screen" and disable "Fast user switching"