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    7272Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    7373Function: Earthworm setup 
    7575Sets the on-off switch to force the creation of TRACEBUF messages on systems that support TRACEBUF2 messages. By default, the module will create TRACEBUF2 messages on systems that support them otherwise it will create the older TRACEBUF messages. This switch has no effect on systems that do no support TRACEBUF2 messages. This switch could be useful in environments where a transition is occuring between TRACEBUF and TRACEBUF2 messages, otherwise most people will never use this. 
    8282Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    8383Function: Earthworm setup 
    8585Defines the interval in seconds at which the module will issue TYPE_HEARTBEAT messages. 
    9292Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    9393Function: Earthworm setup 
    9595Sets the on-off switch for writing a log file to disk. If switch is 0, no log file will be written. If switch is 1, coaxtoring will write a daily log file(s) called coaxtoringxx.log_yymmdd where xx is coaxtoring's module id (set with !MyModuleId command) and yymmdd is the current UTC date (ex: 960123) on the system clock. The file(s) will be written in the EW_LOG directory (environment variable).  If switch is 2 the log file is written but output to stdout and stderr is suppressed. 
    102102Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    103103Function: Data Selection 
    105105Specifies the interval in seconds that the module will send keep alive (heartbeat) packets to the remote !SeedLink server.  A value of 0 disables the feature.  This feature only works with versions of !SeedLink 2.93 or greater.  This is useful for keeping a network connection open that might be closed by itermediate firewalls/gateways when the data stream only flows at intervals. 
    142142Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    143143Function: Earthworm setup 
    145145Indicates which shared memory region to use for waveform output.  ring is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique number for the key to the shared memory region. 
    152152Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    153153Function: Data selection 
    155155Specify the !SeedLink selectors for uni-station mode or default selectors for multi-station mode.  Multiple selectors must be enclosed by quotes.  If Stream commands are also specified in the command file, implying multi-station mode, any selectors specified with this command will be used as defaults when no data stream selectors are specified with a given Stream command. 
    162162Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    163163Function: !SeedLink parameters 
    165165Specify the address of the !SeedLink server. This can be either on IP address (four period-separated numbers) or the domain name of the server. 
    172172Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    173173Function: !SeedLink parameters 
    175175Specifies the IP port number for the !SeedLink server.  This is commonly 18000. 
    182182Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    183183Function: Earthworm setup 
    185185If this flag is specified a file with a list of sequence numbers is written, during a clean module shutdown, to the parameter directory with the name "slink<mod id>.state".  During module startup these sequence numbers are used to resume data streams from the last received data.  In this way continuous data can be collected even through system restarts.  If this flag is not set the module will always request the next available data.  Using this functionality is highly recommended unless you know that it is not necessary. 
    201201'''Stream streamkey [selectors]'''[[BR]] 
    202202Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    203 Function: Data selection  
     203Function: Data selection 
    205205Specifies one stream of data to be requested from the remote !SeedLink server.  This command implies the use of multi-station mode and can be specified multiple times to requested multiple data streams.  The streamkey is composed of a network and station code separated by an underscore.  Optional !SeedLink selectors may be specified after the stream key.  Multiple selectors must be enclosed in quotes.  Beware of collecting multiple data streams with the same station code and differing location codes as the rest of Earthworm does not know about location codes, so the two data streams would get mixed together with bad results. 
    211211'''Verbosity [level]'''[[BR]] 
    212212Processed by: !ReadConfig[[BR]] 
    213 Function: Earthworm setup  
     213Function: Earthworm setu 
    215215Specifies the level of logging verbosity.  Level 0 is rather quiet and mostly reports errors, level 1 shows negotiation details and every received packet and level 2 shows a lot of details.