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Earthworm Module: rayloc_ew

Contributed by: Ray Buland


Ray Buland's global earthquake locator. (new in EW v7.0)


Rayloc_ew is an Earthworm Module to perform global relocation of earthquakes and travel time computation.

Rayloc_ew is an Earthworm-style wrapper around a Fortran program RayLoc, written by Ray Buland. The fortran from Ray is forward model using a Gauss-Newton iteration process fitting to the AK135 (Kennett, Engdahl, and Buland, 1995, GJR v122) update to the iasp91 earth model.

Rayloc_ew attaches itself to the input ring and monitors the ring buffer for the TYPE_LOC_GLOBAL messages.

Rayloc_ew reformats the input and calls the FORTRAN RayLoc processing machinery. The output of rayloc_ew is a TYPE_RAYLOC message, which is written to the output ring.

The wrapper accepts TYPE_LOC_GLOBAL messages and outputs TYPE_RAYLOC as described above.

Rayloc_ew requires three model files (tau.table, ak135.hed, ak135.tbl). These files are parts of rayloc_ew distribution.

Configuration File Commands

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