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Earthworm Module: pickwasher

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Pick format (scnl to global) converter from NEIC (Windows and Solaris compat) (new in EW v7.1)


This is the pick message conversion module from NEIC. It reads TYPE_PICK_SCNL from its input ring and writes TYPE_PICK_GLOBAL to its output ring. The same information is contained in both message types but the format is slightly different. One example of using this module is providing regional/local picks from pick_ew as input to glass, the global associator. The conversion will be performed for any TYPE_PICK_SCNL message found on the input ring.

pickwasher is the pick message converter. Converts TYPE_PICK_SCNL to TYPE_PICK_GLOBAL. There are no optional commands.

Configuration File Commands

On startup, pickwasher reads the configuration file named on the command-line. All commands are required. Any TYPE_PICK_SCNL found on the configured input ring will be converted to TYPE_PICK_GLOBAL and place on the configured output ring. In the control file, lines may begin with a valid pickwasher command (listed below) or with one of 2 special characters:

#  marks the line as a comment (example: # This is a comment).

@  allows control files to be nested; one control file can be
   accessed from another with the command "@" followed by
   a string representing the path name of the next control file
   (example: @model.d).

Command names must be typed in the control file exactly as shown in this document (upper/lower case matters!).


 #   pickwasher configuration file
 MyModuleId     MOD_PICKWASHER  # module id for this program
 InRing         PICK_RING       # transport ring to use for input
 OutRing        PICK_RING       # transport ring to use for output
 HeartBeatInt   30              # EW internal heartbeat interval (sec)
 LogFile        1               # If 0, don't write logfile
                                # If 1, write to module log and stderr/stdout
                                # If 2, write to module log but not stderr/stdout
 MaxMsgSize     128             # maximum size (bytes) for input/output msgs
 RingSize       50              # number of msgs to buffer
# end pickwasher config file


In the following section, all configuration file commands are listed in alphabetical order. Listed along with the command (bold-type) are its arguments (in red) and a description of the command. There are no default values so if you configure the command without arguments, all messages fail.

The following list is organized by:

command [argument here]

HeartBeatInt [Seconds]

Required command to define number of seconds between heartbeats placed on OutRing.

InRing [RingName]

Read messages from this ring.

LogFile [int]

If set to 1, turn on logging. If set to 0, turn it off.

MaxMsgSize [bytes]

Maximum size in bytes for input/output msgs.

MyModuleId [name]

name is the instance of this module and must be defined in earthworm.d

OutRing [RingName]

Outgoing messages get written to RingName.

RingSize [int]

Number of messages from InRing to buffer.

Helpful Hints