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    33= [wiki:Earthworm Earthworm] Module: latency_mon = 
    4 '''Contributed by: West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center''' 
     4'''Contributed by: Paul Whitmore at West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center and John Patton, USGS''' 
    55== Function == 
    66track data outages and latencies for all channels 
     8Logs and displays latency and outages of data from a specified ring (Windows only) 
    79== Details == 
     10This program takes waveforms dropped in InRing and logs latency and outages of the data. Each time a trace arrives, its start time is compared to the end time of the last packet. When there is a gap the outage is logged to a data file for that station. Also, the start time is compared to real-time, and latency is determined. Whenever the latency changes, it is also logged with start and end time to the file. Latencies are grouped generally: <1' = 0; 1'-2' = 1; 2'-3' = 2; 3'-5' = 3; >5' = 4. Here, latency is described as present time minus mid-time of the packet. 
     12The graphical output shows a line for each station in the .sta file for a set length of time. Colors on the line represent the latency of the station over that time interval. 
     14This will only give accurate outage values if this module is running all the time the earthworm system is up. 
     16This module is strictly for use under Windows. 
     18Written by Paul Whitmore, (WC/ATWC) August, 2001 Modified by John Patton (USGS) July, 2002 
     20  Usage:  get_latency <name of configuration file>     
     22See also: 
    923== Helpful Hints ==