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     92Below are the commands recognized by hypo_mgr, grouped by the function they influence. All of the commands are required; they must be specified in the configuration file in order for hypo_mgr to operate. 
     94        Earthworm system setup: 
     95                MyModuleId      required 
     96                RingName        required 
     98        Output Control: 
     99                LogFile         required 
     101        Miscellaneous: 
     102                SourceCode      required 
     107In the following section, all configuration file commands are listed in alphabetical order. Listed along with the command (bold-type) are its arguments (in red), the name of the subroutine that processes the command, and the function within the module that the command influences. A detailed description of the command and is also given. Default values and the values used by Calnet are listed after each command description. 
     110The following list is organized by: 
     112command [argument here] 
     115'''!LogFile [switch]'''[[BR]] 
     116Processed by: hypo_mgr_config[[BR]] 
     117Function: output 
     119Sets the on-off switch for writing a log file to disk. If switch is 0, no log file will be written. If switch is non-zero, hypo_mgr will write daily log file(s) called hypo_mgrxx.log_yymmdd where xx is hypo_mgr's module id (set with "MyModuleId" command) and yymmdd is the current UTC date (ex: 960123) on the system clock. The file(s) will be written in the EW_LOG directory (environment variable). The level of output written to the file is controlled by the value of switch:[[BR]] 
     120    switch = 0  no log file is written[[BR]] 
     121             1  write errors to log file[[BR]] 
     122             2  write errors and hypocenters to log file 
     124Default:  none 
     127'''!MyModuleId [mod_id]'''[[BR]] 
     128Processed by: hypo_mgr_config[[BR]] 
     129Function: Earthworm setup 
     131Sets the module id for labeling all outgoing messages. mod_id is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique single-byte number. 
     133NOTE: hypo_mgr is part of a mega-module which is ultimately started by the program eqproc. All sub-modules of this megamodule should be given the same module id. 
     135Default:  none                          Calnet:  MyModuleId MOD_EQPROC 
     138'''!RingName [ring]'''[[BR]] 
     139Processed by: hypo_mgr_config[[BR]] 
     140Function: Earthworm setup 
     142Tells hypo_mgr which shared memory region to use for output. ring is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique number for the key to the shared memory region. 
     144Default:  none                          Calnet:  RingName HYPO_RING 
     147'''!SourceCode [label]'''[[BR]] 
     148Processed by: hypo_mgr_config[[BR]] 
     149Function: miscellaneous 
     151Reads in a single character label to write in column 80 of the hypo71-format summary messages output by hypo_mgr. This label identifies the source of the hypocenter as the Earthworm system. These summary messages are placed on the output shared memory region. 
     153Default:  none                          Calnet:  SourceCode W 
    91157== Helpful Hints ==