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Earthworm Module: ewthresh

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Monitors a ring for TRACEBUF2X messages and generates an alarm message when a SCNL-specific threshold is exceeded.


The ewthresh module monitors a ring for TRACEBUF2X messages. If a message's maximum (converted) value exceeds the threshold specified for that message's SCNL, an alarm message is written to the output ring identifying the SCNL, threshold, time, and maximum (converted) value.

The primary option is what SCNLs to monitor and what threshold to use for it.

Example Configuration File

#         ewthresh Configuration File
 MyModuleId     MOD_EWTHRESH     # module id for this program
 InRing         TEST_RING           # transport ring to use for input
 OutRing        HYPO_RING           # transport ring to use for output
 HeartBeatInt   30                  # EW internal heartbeat interval (sec)
 LogFile        1                   # If 0, don't write logfile; if 1, do
                                    # if 2, write to module log but not to
                                    # stderr/stdout
 MaxMsgSize     4096          # maximum size (bytes) for input/output msgs

 Threshold 0202 BHZ QT TT 749.0     # SCNL to monitor & threshold to look for

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