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     2= [wiki:Earthworm Earthworm] Module: ewintegrate = 
     3'''Contributed by: ''' 
     5== Function == 
     6Realtime computation of integration of waveforms, useful for taking acceleration to velocity or velocity to displacement. Also allows filtering. (new in EW v7.4) 
     8== Details == 
     9The ewintegrate module performs any non-empty subset of 3 stages of processing wave data (TYPE_TRACEBUF2) coming from the !InRing defined in ewintegrate.d. Processed trace messages are written to the !OutRing with their SCNs changed as specified in ewintegrate.d. 
     11The three stages are: 
     13 * Debiasing, as is done in the [wiki:debias debias] module 
     14   It is a rolling-average filter whose window size (in seconds) is specified in ewintegrate.d; if no window size is specified, this stage passes its input unchanged to the next. 
     15 * Integration. If DoIntegration is not specified in ewintegrate.d, the result of the previous stage is passed unchanged to the next 
     16 * High-pass filtering, which requires both the order and frequency cutoff to be specified; if neither is, the result of the previous stage is passed unchanged to the next. 
     18As in the [wiki:debias debias] module, the debias stage may cause some time delay at the beginning of each span of contiguous records, as it needs to fill the window to begin computing the averages used to debias the data; once the window is full, it can catch up and continue with little delay. 
     20=== Example Configuration File === 
     23#                     Configuration File for ewintegrate 
     25 MyModId            MOD_DEBIAS 
     26 InRing             WAVE_RING # Transport ring to find waveform data on, 
     27 OutRing            INTEGRATE_RING # Transport ring to write output to, 
     28                              # InRing and OutRing may be the same. 
     29 HeartBeatInterval  30        # Heartbeat interval, in seconds, 
     30 LogFile            1         # 1 -> Keep log file, 0 -> no log file 
     31                              # 2 -> log to file but not to stderr/stdout 
     32# Debug                                    # Write out debug messages (optional) 
     34 MaxGap              1.5      # Maximum gap, in sample periods, allowed 
     35                              # between trace data points. 
     36                              # When exceeded, channel is restarted. 
     38# TestMode                     # If you want Ewintegrate to compute and log 
     39                              # its filter coefficients and then 
     40                              # exit, specify "TestMode". 
     41 AvgWindow   5                # Number of seconds of data to use to compute 
     42                              # the rolling average, which gets removed from 
     43                              # each sample.  If missing, no debiasing will be done 
     45 DoIntegration                # Perform integration; if missing, no integration 
     46                              # will be performed 
     47 HighPassFreq        0.075    # Cutoff frequency for high pass filter 
     48 HighPassOrder       4        # Order for high pass filter 
     49                              # If neither of the above are specified, no 
     50                              # high-pass filtering will be done.  It is an 
     51                              # to specify exactly one of these two 
     55# Specify logo(s) of the messages to grab from the InRing. 
     56# Up to 10 GetWavesFrom commands may be used. 
     57# Must specify installation ID, module ID and message type. 
     58# Installation and module may be wildcarded. 
     59# The only valid messages types are TYPE_TRACEBUF and TYPE_TRACEBUF2 
     60# Output message type will be the same as the input message type. 
     64# List SCNL codes of trace messages to decimate and their output SCNL codes. 
     65# If old GetSCN command is used, location code is set to "--". 
     66# Wildcard characters are not allowed here. 
     68#         Input-SCNL      Output-SCNL 
     69 GetSCNL  NP2 BHE ZZ --   DEBI HHE NP BS 
     73== Helpful Hints ==