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     3= [wiki:Earthworm Earthworm] Module: evansassoc = 
     4'''Contributed by: ''' 
     6== Function == 
     7[wiki:evanstrig evanstrig] monitors waveforms for long-period signals; evansassoc associates LP triggers into events. 
     9== Details == 
     10The [wiki:evanstrig evanstrig] program is an adaptation of lptrig. Evanstrig runs John Evans' long-period trigger algorithm on single-channel TYPE_TRACEBUF messages and produces single-channel triggers. These triggers can then be associated into "events" by the moduleevansassoc. 
     12The evansassoc program associates long-period triggers from several scn's. The association rule is that triggers from a certain number of scn's must be received within a specified time interval. The association parameters are specified in evansassoc 's parameter file . 
     14NOTE: evanstrig will only work on 100 hz data! 
     16The details of John Evans' long period trigger algorithm are discussed in the following two papers: 
     18A Teleseism-Specific Detection Algorithm for Single Short-Period Traces, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. 73, 1173-1186, Evans and S.S. Allen, 1983. 
     20Reliable Automatic Detection of Long-Period Volcanic Earthquakes at Long Valley Caldera, California, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. 85, 1518-1522, Evans and Pitt, 1995. 
     22=== Example Configuration File === 
     25#           evansassoc's Configuration File 
     27MyModuleId       MOD_EVANSASSOC    # Module id for this program, 
     28InRing           PICK_RING         # Transport ring to find triggers on 
     29OutRing          HYPO_RING         # Transport ring to write output to 
     30HeartbeatInt     30                # Heartbeat interval (s); 0=no heartbeat 
     31LogFile          1                 # 1=write log file on disk; 0=don't 
     33# List the message logos to grab from transport ring 
     34#                Installation       Module       Message Type 
     35GetTriggersFrom  INST_WILDCARD   MOD_WILDCARD      # trigger 
     37# LP-trigger association parameters: 
     38TriggerTimeLimit  17    # seconds; Set to (array aperture)/(8 or 10 km/s). 
     39CriticalMu        10    # number of triggers within TriggerTimeLimit. 
     40CriticalNu        10    # ..."... Set equal to CriticalMu. 
     42# Parameters for saving seismograms: 
     43MinEventTime     90     # total record length (s) of "normal" event 
     44MaxEventTime    105     # total record length (s) of "big" event 
     45PreEventTime     15     # pre-event portion (s) of event record 
     47EventIDfile  # name of file containing next valid eventid 
     48                        # this file should live in EW_PARAMS directory 
     50# List any other channels (time code, non-seismic, etc) that should be 
     51# included in every event message. Wildcards (*) may be used in any field. 
     52# List one SCN per line, as many as you need: 
     53#           sta chan network 
     54AddChannel  MSL  VHZ  NC 
     55AddChannel  MDR   *   NC 
     58== Helpful Hints ==