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    5151== Configuration File Commands == 
     52On startup, carlstatrig reads the configuration file named on the command line. Commands in this file set all the parameters used for computing Carl Johnson triggers for individual stations. In the control file, lines may begin with a valid carlstatrig command (listed below) or with one of 2 special characters: 
     54#  marks the line as a comment (example: # This is a comment). 
     56@  allows control files to be nested; one control file can be  
     57   accessed from another with the command "@" followed by  
     58   a string representing the path name of the next control file  
     59   (example: @model.d). 
     61Command names must be typed in the control file exactly as shown in this document (upper/lower case matters!). 
     65Below are the commands recognized by carlstatrig, grouped by the function they influence. Most of the commands are required; they may be specified in any order in the control file. 
     67        Earthworm system setup: 
     68                MyModuleId              required 
     69                RingNameIn              required 
     70                RingNameOut             required 
     71                HeartBeatInterval       required 
     72                Debug 
     74        Station file and trigger parameters: 
     75                StationFile             required 
     76                MaxGap 
     77                Startup                 required 
     78                STAtime  
     79                LTAtime          
     80                Ratio                   required 
     81                Quiet                   required 
     82                Decimation 
     83                GetWavesFrom            optional  
     88In the following section, all configuration file commands are listed in alphabetical order. Listed along with the command (bold-type) are its arguments (in red), the name of the subroutine that processes the command, and the function within the module that the command influences. A detailed description of the command and is also given. Default values and example commands are listed after each command description. 
     90The following list is organized by: 
     92command [argument here] 
     94 Debug level            ReadConfig              Earthworm setup  
     96Sets the debug logging level for CarlStaTrig. With level set to zero minimal logging is done. Very verbose logging is obtained with level set to 4. 
     98Default:  0 
     99Example:  Debug  3 
     100 Decimation count               ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     103Sets the decimation count for CarlStaTrig. Normally, every sample is used for computing averages; this is the default decimation of 1. To reduce CPU load, the decimation may be set to 2 or 3 without significantly affecting the trigger results. Then CarlStaTrig will use every second or third sample for averaging. 
     105Default:  1 
     106Example:  Decimation  3 
     108GetWavesFrom Inst Mod           ReadConfig              Earthworm Setup 
     111Defines the waveform logos to retrieve, Inst and Mod module for processing.  
     113Example: GetWavesFrom INST_WILDCARD MOD_WILDCARD 
     114 HeartBeatInterval nsec ReadConfig              Earthworm Setup 
     117Defines the number of seconds, nsec between TYPE_HEARTBEAT messages issued by carlstatrig. Example: HeartBeatInterval 30 
     118 MaxGap nlevel          ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     121Sets the gap size, in sample periods, above which the station averages are restarted. For smaller gaps, data is interpolated to the sample period for that station. The sample period is specified in TRACE_BUF messages from the source module for that station. The default is 1; that is, reset the station averages for any gap larger than the sample period. 
     123Default:  1 
     124Example:  MaxGap  15 
     125 MyModuleId mod_id      ReadConfig              Earthworm setup 
     128Sets the module id for labeling all outgoing trigger, heartbeat, and error messages. mod_id is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates to a unique single-byte number. 
     130Default:  none 
     131Example:  MyModuleId MOD_CARLSTATRIG 
     132 Quiet equiet           ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     135Sets the value of Carl Johnson's equiet parameter for the station trigger calculation. This parameter is a trigger level adjustment. 
     137Default:  none 
     138Example:  Quiet 4.0 
     139 Ratio ratio            ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     142Sets the value of the trigger ratio. In Carl Johnson's original formulation, this was enumer / edenom. 
     144Default:  none 
     145Example:  Ratio 2.3 
     146 RingNameIn ring                ReadConfig              Earthworm setup 
     149Tells carlstatrig which shared memory region to use for input. ring is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique number for the key to the shared memory region. 
     151Default:  none 
     152Example:  RingNameIn  WAVE_RING 
     153 RingNameOut ring               ReadConfig              Earthworm setup 
     156Tells carlstatrig which shared memory region to use for output. ring is a character string (valid strings are listed in earthworm.d) that relates (in earthworm.d) to a unique number for the key to the shared memory region. 
     158Default:  none 
     159Example:  RingNameOut PICK_RING 
     160 StartUp nsec           ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     163Sets the startup time for stations averages to nsec seconds. Carlstatrig waits this number of seconds after startup and reset before it calculates station triggers. This allows long-term averages to stabilize; otherwise false triggers would be sent on startup. 
     165Default:  none 
     166Example:  StartUp  7 
     167 STAtime nsec           ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     169Sets the time for the short-term average (STA) to nsec seconds. 
     171Default:  1 
     172Example:  STAtime  3 
     173 LTAtime nsta           ReadConfig              Trigger parameter 
     175Sets the nominal time for the long-term average (LTA) time to nsta STAtimes. This is the time over which the time-dependent weighting factor used in the averaging decreases by a factor of approximately 1/e. 
     177Default:  8 
     178Example:  LTAtime  20 
     179 StationFile sta_file   ReadConfig              Station File 
     181Specifes sta_file as the file of stations to be monitored by carlstatrig. This file can be the same station file as the one for CarlSubTrig. CarlStaTrig uses all TRACEBUF messages it gets from its input ring which are listed in the station file. Any other TRACEBUF messages, and stations in the file for which there are no TRACEBUF messages, are ignored. In the following sample station file, the Trigger Time To Live value is not used by carlstaTrig. 
     183Default:  none 
     184Example:  StationFile  pnsn_trig.sta 
     186=== Sample Configuration File === 
     188# $Id: carlstatrig_cmd.html 4571 2011-08-18 20:28:39Z stefan $ 
     190# CarlStaTrig's Parameter File 
     194#  Basic Earthworm Setup 
     196MyModuleId      MOD_CARLSTATRIG # Module id for this instance of CarlStaTrig 
     197                                # - REQUIRED 
     198RingNameIn      WAVE_RING       # Name of ring from which trace data will be 
     199                                #   read - REQUIRED. 
     200RingNameOut     PICK_RING       # Name of ring to which triggers will be 
     201                                #   written - REQUIRED. 
     202HeartBeatInterval       0       # Heartbeat Interval (seconds). REQUIRED 
     204# Set debug log message level: OPTIONAL (default: 0) 
     205#   0  log transport errors, changes in datatype, samplerate, failure to flush 
     206#   1  above plus large gaps and overlaps  
     207#   2  above plus small gaps and overlaps, station trigger changes -  
     208#      best for beginning installations 
     209#   3  above plus station trigger values and messages  
     210#   4  above plus "unable to find station..."  
     211#   5  above plus many details of message handling - very verbose.  
     213Debug 1 
     216# CarlTrig Specific Setup 
     218StationFile     "pnsn_trig.sta" # Name of file containing station information - 
     219                                #   REQUIRED. 
     220MaxGap          1.5             # Maximum gap between trace data points that 
     221                                #   can be interpolated (otherwise restart the 
     222                                #   station). OPTIONAL (default MaxGap = 1) 
     223StartUp         60              # Minimum seconds of trace data needed to 
     224                                #   before using LTAs REQUIRED. Recommended 
     225                                #   value is 2.5 * LTAtime * STAtime. 
     226STAtime         3               # Number of seconds for short term average 
     227                                # OPTIONAL (integer; default STAtime = 1) 
     228LTAtime         8               # Long-term average time (time to 1/e weight) 
     229                                #   in units of STAtime. 
     230                                # OPTIONAL (default LTAtime = 8) 
     231Decimation      1               # Decimation factor used in averages 
     232                                # OPTIONAL (default Decimation = 1) 
     233Ratio           2.3             # Carl Trigger parameter: enumer / edenom 
     234                                # REQUIRED 
     235Quiet           4.0             # Carl Trigger equiet parameter - REQUIRED 
     237GetWavesFrom INST_WILDCARD MOD_WILDCARD # optional way to specify which trace logos to get 
     240=== Sample Station File === 
     243#   carlsta/subtrig.sta  FOR PNSN 
     245#   PNSN station list 
     247# Arbitrary Station Component Network Location  Trigger 
     248#           Code    Code      Code    Code      Time To Live 
     249# --------- ------- ------- --------- --------- ------------ 
     250  station   GMW       EHZ       UW        --            10 
     251  station   GSM       EHZ       UW        --            10 
     252  station   BLN       EHZ       UW        --            10 
     253  station   CPW       EHZ       UW        --            10 
     254  station   JCW       EHZ       UW        --            10 
    53257== Helpful Hints ==