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Earthworm Module: arc2trig

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Takes a hypo arc message as input, and produces a .trg file (also puts trig message on out ring).


Arc2trig akes a hypo arc message as input and produces a .trg file. The .trg file can be used by 'trig2disk' or 'ora_trace_save' to save the appropriate waveform data for that event.

Example Configuration File

# This is arc2trig's parameter file

#  Basic Earthworm setup:
MyModuleId        MOD_ARC2TRIG   # module id for this instance of arc2trig
InRingName           HYPO_RING   # shared memory ring for input
OutRingName          HYPO_RING   # shared memory ring for output
LogFile              1           # 0 to completely turn off disk log file
HeartBeatInterval    30          # seconds between heartbeats

# List the message logos to grab from transport ring
#              Installation       Module          Message Types
GetEventsFrom  INST_WILDCARD    MOD_WILDCARD    # hyp2000arc - no choice.

# Set up output directory and prefix for trigger files.
# Daily files will be written with a suffix of .trg_yyyymmdd
# Set either to "none" or "NONE" to stop writing disk files
OutputDir  /home/big_files/  # directory to write trigger files in
BaseName   arc2trig          # prefix of trigger file name
                             # suffix will be .trg_yyyymmdd

# Optional parameters:
# PrePickTime 15.0	# seconds of pre-p-pick data to save (default=15.)
# PostCodaTime 10.0
	# seconds of post-coda cutoff data to save (default=10.).

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