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     1= Earthworm !StartstopPipeConsole = 
     3(last revised 28 October 2014) 
     5== Readme for !StartstopPipeConsole == 
     7Functionality implemented by: 
     8Eric Thomas, ISTI 
     10The !StartstopPipeConsole tool provides a way to interact with the 'startstop' process using a console window.  This is useful on Windows installations with 'startstop' service installed, where the service is otherwise difficult to access. 
     11In the "startstop_nt.d" configuration file used by the 'startstop' service, the '!PipeName' entry should set to "!EarthwormStartstopPipe" (or a '!PipeName' entry should not be specified).  For more information on the 'startstop' service see the "Earthworm Windows Startstop Service" documentation. 
     13To run the !StartstopPipeConsole program, open a Command Prompt and enter !StartstopPipeConsole.  The program sends a message to the 'startstop' service requesting that a pipe-console be started.  For the message to get through (via an operating-system pipe), administrator-level user access is required.  The !StartstopPipeConsole program will request this access when it is run. 
     14If the pipe-console startup is successful, the !StartstopPipeConsole program window may then be used to interact with the 'startstop' service.  Only one instance of a !StartstopPipeConsole may be active at a time (any previous instance will be terminated).  Earthworm programs (such as "status", "pau", "sniffring", etc) may be run in the !StartstopPipeConsole. 
     16To stop a !StartstopPipeConsole, enter the command "exit".  If a program is actively generating output (i.e., "sniffring"), it may be terminated by hitting Ctrl-C.