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Q&A: What Is A Winston Server

Wave INformation STOrage Network

Despite that nice fit on the acronym above, it was named after Peter Cervelli's cat named "Winston"''

Developed by the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the Winston Server was developed to serve as a direct replacement to Earthworm Wave Server (wave_serverV). Once data is imported to Winston from Earthworm, it resides in an open source MySQL database. This presents the following benefits in comparison to the Wave Server:

  • No size limitations or limits on duration stored, apart from available disc space
  • Better data compression. A 100 Hz channel, for example, takes ~25 Mb/day
  • Derived helicorder data that dramatically improves performance of Swarm and Valve
  • Written in JAVA and uses MySQL database resulting in platform (e.g., Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, Windows...) independence
  • Does not need to be pre-configured for each SCNL (e.g., it has autodiscovery of SCNL's)