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Release Notes: Earthworm Version "working" Cleaned out after release of v7.6 on 11/14/2012

These notes are for release v7.7

Syntax for the release notes are still short and sweet, 3 lines: Module name short summary of new or changed module. Name of developer and date YYYY/MM/DD


Integrated in with Earthworm for compilation, tested on Mac OS X and Linux. 
Modified BGS version to handle S arrivals from Earthwom and better WAV file matching.
Paul Friberg, Sept 10, 2013

Take TYPE_MSEED packets from a ring and write them to a file based archive. Very flexible
naming convention for the archive filenames.
Chad Trabant June 18, 2013

Take Tbuf2 or TYPE_MSEED from a ring and send it to the IRIS ringserver SeedLink Server.
Note this is only useful for UNIX EW systems since ringserver only works on that OS.
Chad Trabant June 17, 2013

A new module that can receive TBUF2 data from an Earthworm export and send it into the IRIS ringserver. 
More info here:
Note this is only useful for UNIX systems since ringserver only works on that OS. The Export can come from
an EW on any OS/platform however.
Chad Trabant June 10, 2013

Convert's TYPE_MSEED packets found in one ring to TBUF2 in another ring (will split the packet into two or more
TBUF2 to make sure they don't exceed the 4096 byte tbuf2 size limit.
Paul Friberg, June 25, 2013

A spinoff from ringdup_scn that allows one to convert TBUF2 in one ring over to
MiniSEED packets in a different ring. Requires an updated earthworm_global.d with
the TYPE_MSEED packet type defined. sniffring can detect this new binary packet
and sniffwave will soon too. It lives in the ringdup_scn directory.
Paul Friberg, May 28, 2013

A display/diagnostic standalone tool for plotting traces and picks in real time
using a web browser and the recent websockets standard in HTML5. The tool has
an embedded webserver (Mongoose 3) that feeds traces and picks to any browser
client without the need for additional software. Currently for linux and Mac OSX
only, requiring websocket-compatible web browsers such as Firefox 16+, 
Chrome 23+ or Safari 6+. It also works with iOS6 Safari, allowing real-time 
traces on a smartphone.
Ruben Luis, November 18, 2012


ew2moledb 1.2.3 (more details in file src/archiving/mole/HISTORY )
       - Test MySQL connection at the beginning and exit in case of error
       - Now can simultaneously read messages from multiple rings (based on
         multiple threads).
       - Management of the local queue of messages is more efficient and
         reliable (based on semaphores).
       - Fixed a damned bug causing loss of very few messages; fortunately,
         only on very very rare occasions.
       - Some parameters in ew2moledb.d are changed. There is no complete
         backward compatibility with the previous configuration files.
Matteo Quintiliani July 29, 2013

Allowed it to handle tracebuf1 packets if requested (command line option).
Paul Friberg, July 15, 2013

Upgraded the jar file to 1.61 from the ISTI repository.
Paul Friberg, July 8, 2013

At version 2.4 now:
2013.7.6: version 2.4
        - Fix parsing of StateFile option, recognize '#' as start of comment.
        - Add 'WriteMSEED' parameter file option to allow forwarding the
        received miniSEED records directly to the transport ring as TYPE_MSEED 
        messages instead of creating TYPE_TRACEBUF2 messages.
        - Use libmseed for parsing miniSEED records instead of the limited
        routines included with libslink.  This allows support for more encoding
        types (e.g. 32-bit and 64-bit floats).
        - Remove support for creating tracebuf1 messages, the 'ForceTraceBuf1'
        option is no longer recognized.
        - Replace nanosleep() with portable slp_usleep() included in libslink
        and remove WINNT declarations.
Chad Trabant, July 6, 2013

Modified to observe and report TYPE_MSEED packets (and backward compat, meaning only works if 
TYPE_MSEED is in earthworm_global.d)
Paul Friberg, June 25, 2013

Modified to observe and ignore TYPE_MSEED packet types (backward compatible too).
Paul Friberg, June 3, 2013

	updated nmxptool to the version 2.1.1
Matteo Quintiliani May 13, 2013

	Added a new parameter to cause the program to die after a certain number of registration attempts.
	This avoids the endless looping many see when registration is not working and a restart is needed to get it to take.
	RegistrationCyclesLimit is the new .d parameter
Paul Friberg April 4, 2013

	Added parameter LookAtVersion for looking at the specific version of an event-id from an ARC message.
Matteo Quintiliani March 21, 2013

	Added new ChannelNumberMapByNet feature to allow mapping of channel numbers to Orientations by network code (for Caltech)
Paul Friberg March 19, 2013

	Paul Friberg added residual value to waveform header
	Billy Bugoa Rosso added gmt map out, UseRegionName as an option, and filtering for BB waveforms
Merged and checked in by Paul Friberg, March 20, 2013

	Fixed numerous issues with CheckAllRings capability, now that feature works as advertised.
Tim Zander + Paul Friberg February 18, 2013
	Added DontReportUnknownModule option to get rid of annoying messages if you really 
	don't care that some modules are not monitored by statmgr.
Paul Friberg April 4, 2013

	Fixed weird seg fault bug from spurious sprintf() and added version numbers.
Paul Friberg February 20, 2013

	Added support for sending emails of reports. If Blat is used it must support attachments. 
Tim Zander February 5, 2013

trig2disk and waveman2disk
	Both of these have had version numbers incremented to reflect improvements in SEISAN format 
	putaway and now MSEED putaway (formerly buggy and only tested on Solaris).
Tim Zander, Paul Friberg January 17, 2013

	Bug fix for a TYPE_MAGNITUDE message that arrives with no ARC message before it. Reason for
	that might be the use of eqfilter to filter out ARC messages but MAGs were just dup'ed over...
	as I was doing for a configuration recently to filter out events for emailing...
Paul Friberg December 24, 2012

	Minor bug fix: in that if there were packets exactly at 4096 they were rejected as too big. 
Paul Friberg November 16, 2012

	Added in -S -N -C -L command line options to override the SCNL found in the mseed when writing
the tank player tank files.
Paul Friberg December 7, 2012

	Removed the need for EW_LOG to be set to run this command line program. If not set, it now writes
its log to the run directory.
Paul Friberg December 7, 2012


None described, see changes to modules above.


See ew dev group trac ticketing now.


StartstopService works with newer versions of Windows, ie: 7, 8, however 
StartstopConsole does not compile with new versions of the Microsoft compiler
and versions of StartstopConsole compiled with older compilers don't work 
with Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. One can get command-line
access to startstop like you could with StartstopConsole using a workaround if
you install Cygwin. Workaround steps are described in the documentation for


Libraries were made for UNIX and Windows installations, and special solaris only make files were removed. There are now
special env vars per platform in the environment settings files.