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     2dc2tank - datacenter to tank module 
     4        Pulls miniSEED data from a datacenter (currently only DHI enabled) and converts 
     5it to a tankplayer tank. Ultimately this module will allow pulling from the CWB format 
     6data center protocol for waveforms. 
     8        Written by Paul Friberg and Kevin Frechette of July 2007. 
     12Usage: ./dc2tank [-n maxsamples] [-d secs] -D dir -t [d|c] -f scnlfile -p props -o tank 
     13Version 0.0.1 2007.07.18 
     14 -n maxsamples - the max number of samps per tracebuf in tank 
     15        defaults to 200 per tbuf, cannot be larger than 1008 
     16 -D workingdir - the working dir where mseeds and intermediate tanks are put 
     17 -p props - properties file needed for DHI type 
     18 -f scnlfile - SCNL file (space separated) needed for DHI type DC 
     19 -o tankfile - name of remuxed tank to write 
     20 -s YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS - start time  to grab (put in quotes) required. 
     21 -d secs - optional duration in secs to grab (default=600secs). 
     22 -t d or c - type of data center d=DMC/DHI, c=CWB (not supported yet) 
     26If no args are given, the above message is spewed back to the user. 
     301. Java version 1.5 or greater installed and in the path of the user: 
     32        java -version 
     34        should run for you. 
     362. DHI properties file. An example below is for IRIS DHI and UCBerkeley: 
     38output of iris.txt: 
     40  NetworkDNS=edu/iris/dmc 
     41  NetworkDC=IRIS_NetworkDC 
     42  SeismogramDNS=edu/iris/dmc 
     43  SeismogramDC=IRIS_DataCenter 
     45output of ncedc.txt (uc berkeley): 
     48 NetworkDNS=edu/berkeley/geo 
     49 NetworkDC=NCEDC_NetworkDC 
     50 SeismogramDNS=edu/berkeley/geo 
     51 SeismogramDC=NCEDC_DataCenter 
     533. a SCNL file (comma separated Station Channel Network Location per line), 
     54        uses the -- convention for blank location codes as EW does: 
     56YUH BHZ BK -- 
     57CVS BHZ BK -- 
     58BDM BHZ BK -- 
     604. DHI2mseed.jar jar file in the current directory where you intend to  
     61 run the code (we can move this later or point to it via an env var). 
     645. The ability to write to a directory for working space for miniSEED files 
     65        and a temporary tank file. Note the temporary tank file is removed 
     66        after it is remuxed. 
     68EXAMPLE RUN: 
     70dc2tank -D test -p ncedc.txt -f bk.scnl -s "2007/07/01 00:00:00" -t d -v -o testtank 
     71running DHI2mseed to get mseed files 
     72Processing BDM.BHZ.BK..20070701.000000.mseed 
     73Processing CVS.BHZ.BK..20070701.000000.mseed 
     74Remuxing tank in time order testtank 
     7520070720_UTC_18:44:00 remux_tbuf: finished writing file testtank 
     77The file testtank is a remux'ed  tankbuf suitable for tankplayer'ing. 
     79Note that the miniSEED files are sitting in the directory test (specified by the -D arg).