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Installation Procedure: Linux

Steps to Compile EW on 64-bit Ubuntu (v11.04)

Required software

  • GNU C++ Compiler
  • GNU C++ Compiler (multilib files)
  • subversion

Step-by-Step process for compilation

  1. make a new directory called "ew"
    cd /home/[...]
    mkdir ew
  1. Download EW package source files from: Click on "Source tar" Download to /home/brando/ew

  1. Un tar ball the source files (this will extract them):

cd /home/brando/ew tar -xzvf v7.5-src.tar.gz

  1. Create the parameter directory /home/ew/run_prod/params

cd /home/brando/ew mkdir run_prod cd run_prod mkdir params

  1. Copy into /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params the file ew_linux.bash that you will find at /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/environment:

cd /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/environment cp ew_linux.bash /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params

  1. Set up your environment before you try to compile:

cd /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params vim ew_linux.bash CHANGE TO:

export EW_HOME="${EW_INSTALL_HOME:-/home/brando/ew}" export EW_VERSION="${EW_INSTALL_VERSION:-earthworm_7.5}" EW_RUN_DIR="${EW_RUN_DIR:-$EW_HOME/run_prod}"

  1. vim ~/.bashrc

add to the bottom of this file:

source /home/brando/earthworm_7.5/environment/ew_linux.bash

  1. cd /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params

source ew_linux.bash source ~/.bashrc

  1. Compile

cd /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/src make unix

Step by Step Process for final set up

  1. Copy params from /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/params to /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params

cd /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/params cp * /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params

  1. Copy .d param files from /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/environment to /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params

cp earthworm.d /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params cp earthworm_global.d /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params cp earthworm_commonvars.d /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params

  1. cd /home/brando/ew/run_prod/

mkdir desc mkdir log

Step by Step Process for Configuration

  1. vim /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params/wave_serverV.d

CHANGE TO: ServerIPAdr Not sure of your ip? Open a cmd window and type ifconfig and look for inet address:

TankStructFile? /home/brando/ew/datafiles/p1000-1.str

Tank GUID --- NC -- 528 INST_MENLO MOD_WILDCARD 1 10000 /home/brando/ew/tankfiles/p1001.tnk Tank IRG1 T NC -- 528 INST_MENLO MOD_WILDCARD 1 10000 /home/brando/ew/tankfiles/p1002.tnk Tank IRG2 T NC -- 528 INST_MENLO MOD_WILDCARD 1 10000 /home/brando/ew/tankfiles/p1003.tnk

TankStructFile2 /home/brando/ew/datafiles/p1000-2.str

  1. mkdir /home/brando/ew/tankfiles

mkdir /home/brando/ew/datafiles

  1. vim /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params/statmgr.d


CheckAllRings? 1

Descriptor statmgr.desc Descriptor startstop.desc Descriptor wave_serverV.desc Descriptor tankplayer.desc

  1. vim /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params/tankplayer.d

CHANGE TO: InterMessageDelayMillisecs? 1

WaveFile? /home/brando/ew/tankfiles/file.tbuf

  1. vim /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params/startstop_unix.d


nRing 1 Ring WAVE_RING 1024

# Ring PICK_RING 1024 # Ring HYPO_RING 1024

# #

Process "statmgr statmgr.d" Class/Priority? TS 0


Process "wave_serverV wave_serverV.d" Class/Priority? TS 0


Process "tankplayer tankplayer.d" Class/Priority? TS 0

# # Process "coaxtoring coaxtoring.d" # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "tankplayer tankplayer2.d" # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "pick_ew pick_ew.d" # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "binder_ew binder_ew.d" # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "eqproc eqproc.d" # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "diskmgr diskmgr.d" # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "copystatus WAVE_RING HYPO_RING" # Class/Priority? RT 5 # Class/Priority? TS 0 # # Process "copystatus PICK_RING HYPO_RING" # Class/Priority? RT 5

Class/Priority? TS 0


Process "menlo_report menlo_report.d" Class/Priority? TS 0

  1. vim /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params/menlo_report.d


LocalDir? /home/brando/ew/run_prod/log

To check configuration works

  1. Open cmd window

Enter startstop

  1. To make sure waves are coming in:

type any of the following into a command window: sniffring WAVE_RING sniffwave WAVE_RING wild wild wild wild getmenu [your ip]:16022

Problems encountered:

  1. Problem with statmgr (EW v7.5) on 64-bit Ubuntu v11.04:!topic/earthworm_forum/ptEYQPWimNk

Solution: vim /home/brando/ew/run_prod/params/ew_linux.bash


export GLOBALFLAGS="-fno-stack-protector -m32 -Dlinux -Di386 -D_LINUX -D_INTEL -D_USE_SCHED -D_USE_PTHREADS -D_USE_TERMIOS -I${EW_HOME}/${EW_VERSION}/include"

do the same at: vim /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/environment/ew_linux.bash

cd /home/brando/ew/earthworm_7.5/src/

make clean_unix make unix

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