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    55This is a quick and dirty guide to what you need to know to migrate from V6.3 to V7.X in Earthworm. The biggest change in this migration is that stations are now not just identified by a 3 tuple of Station, Channel, Network, but by a 4 tuple which also includes Location code. You will hear this referred to as SCN vs SCNL. Location code is simply a 2 character "tie-breaker" for when you have multiple channels of the same type at a given station. Location codes can be any convention that the operators desire, but the location code must be limited to numbers or letters. If location codes are not being used, the operator should use dash dash as a placeholder for any configuration files "--". Refer to the SEED manual at the IRIS DMC.  Refer to the programmer notes for which earthworm messages changed to accomodate SCNL vs  SCN. 
    78In addition to the SCNL change, there were 2 new features added in the v7.X release that require new message types be added to the earthworm.d file. The first feature, introduced in v7.0 is the '''reconfigure''' command which requires a '''TYPE_RECONFIGURE''' message type be added in. This feature allows an operator to modify a startstop.d file with new modules or new rings, and have those changes be effected without having to stop and restart all of Earthworm. The second feature, added in v7.1, allows an operator to stop a given module using the stopmodule command. The stopmodule implementation requires that a TYPE_STOP  message be added to your earthworm.d. See the documentation on startstop for more information on how to use these new features.