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     3= [wiki:Earthworm Earthworm] Module: samtac2ew = 
     4'''Contributed by: Tim Zander of ISTI. Development funded by Tokyo Sokushin.''' 
     6== Function == 
     7Imports data from SAMTAC-802U over tcp/ip or serial on windows (new in EW v7.4) 
     9== Details == 
     10This module recieves data packets from a SAMTAC-802U. The data packets are then put into an Earthworm ring-memory transport buffer. The module was developed using Earthworm version 7.2. It is all 'C' code compiled using standard makefiles ("makefile.nt") like those used with other Earthworm modules. On Windows there are two versions of SAMTAC2EW: samtac2ew_com, to use a COM port on a PC; and samtac2ew_tcp, for using TCP communications to a serial-to-TCP server connected to the serial port on the SAMTAC-802U. There is one config file for the TCP version (samtac2ew_tcp.d) and another config file for the COM version (samtac2ew_com.d.) One instance of SAMTAC2EW will be needed for each SAMTAC, and each instance will have its own config file. 
     12'''SAMTAC2EW Packet Handling Details''' 
     14As data packets are received from the SAMTAC the headers are read, and a SOH message is sent to earthworm. The packets are then demuxed and a tracebuf2 packets for each channel is sent to the ring buffer. If there is a break in the sequence numbers or the checksums are bad, samtac2ew will write an error message to the ring buffer. 
     16'''SAMTAC2EW State Of Health Details''' 
     18SAMTAC2EW will send out a State Of Health(SOH) packet at a configurable interval(default 5 minutes) or if the SOH changes. The Packet Type used is TYPE_SAMTACSOH_PACKET and this must be defined in the earthworm.d file. An example SOH packet: 
     20ZZ-ISTI 1232641240 
     21DeviceID: 21 
     22Detecting Earthquake: 0 
     23Media Capacity Alarm: 0 
     24Power Supply Voltage Alarm: 0 
     25GPS Alarm: 1 
     28Where '''ZZ-ISTI''' is the Network-Station and '''1232641240''' is the epoch time the packet was sent. 
     31== Configuration File Commands == 
     33== Helpful Hints == 
     37The following list is organized by: 
     39command [argument here]