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Earthworm Module: raypicker

Contributed by: Ray Buland


Ray Buland's global picker. (new in EW v7.0)


This is the earthworm global phase picker intended for use with glass. It is based on Ray Buland's fortran originally developed in the early 1980's. Its unpublished and the details on how it works are left as an exercise for the enterprising student.

Example Configuration File

#                     Configuration File for raypicker
MyModId              MOD_RAYPICKER   # Module Name
InRing               WAVE_RING       # Transport ring from which to get waveform data
OutRing              PICK_RING       # Transport ring to which to write output
HeartBeatInterval    60              # Heartbeat interval, in seconds,
                                     # WARNING: Heartbeat interval is also used to check on thread status;
                                     # No NOT MAKE THIS NUMBER SMALLER THAN THE TIME IT TAKES TO
                                     # PROCESS A MESSAGE OR THE PROGRAM WILL CONSTANTLY RESTART!!!
                                     # (default min: 15 secs)
PickIDFile           pickfile        # File containing Pick IDs

# List of SCNLs to include
# SCNL               JSA VHZ NC --
SCNL                 JSA VHZ NC
SCNL                 JEG VHZ NC

# Optional Commands
LogFile              1               # no logging; 1 = disk and stderr/stdout; 2 = disk only
Debug                2               # 0-no debug
                                     # 1 - some debugging
                                     # 2 - super debug
MaxSampleRate        101.0           # Maximum sampling rate (default: 101 Hz-
                                     # NB: make this slightly larger than desired, ie.
                                     # 101 Hz for 100 Hz data, to allow for minimal
                                     # tolerance in floating point comparisons in code)
MaxTriggerSecs       600.0           # Maximum length of trigger (default: 10 minutes)
MaxGapNoTriggerSecs 1080.0           # Max gap before resetting if no trigger (default: 3 hours)
MaxGapInTriggerSecs 3600.0           # Max gap when a trigger exists
QueueSize              500           # Max number of messages to queue (default: 500)
MaxPreFilters           20           # Max no of prefilters to allow (need at least 2xnumber of different
                                     #   sampling rates of data expected - one for BB data and one for
                                     #   data SP; default = 20)

Helpful Hints