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Earthworm Module: putpick

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Reads a file containing a series of pick/coda msgs and writes them to shared memory ring


Program to read a file containing a series of pick/coda msgs and write them to shared memory. The file can contain a mix of TYPE_PICK2K, TYPE_PICK_SCNL, TYPE_CODA2K, TYPE_CODA_SCNL, and also comments. Only valid TYPE_PICK and TYPE_CODA msgs will be written to shared memory; all other lines will be ignored.

Putpick is useful for replaying picks into binder - binder's logfile (or a portion of it) can be used as the input file to putpick, or the picks can be placed in a seperate file.

If pause = y, the relative timing of writing msgs to ring is based on delta-t in the timestamps in the picks.

If pause = n, the msgs are written to the ring as fast as they are read from the file.

Usage: putpick <pickfile> <RING_NAME> <pause: y/n>

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