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    1818Besides the ASL, there are several other LISS servers. Some digital seismographs produce miniSEED. There is be an earthworm LISS server module, [wiki:ew2liss ew2liss].  The ew2liss is NOT SCNL compatible yet.  This will allow the exchange of earthworm trace data by an alternate format to the current [wiki:Import-Export] import/export] combination. 
     20=== Example Configuration File === 
     22The commands for liss2ew_scnl are very different from the old liss2ew. Here is an example configuration file: 
     25#                     Configuration File for liss2ew_scnl 
     28MyModId          MOD_LISS2EW 
     29OutRing          WAVE_RING       # Transport ring to write output to, 
     30                                 # InRing and OutRing may be the same. 
     31HeartBeatInterval     30         # Heartbeat interval, in seconds, 
     32LogFile            1             # 1 -> Keep log, 0 -> no log file 
     33                                 # 2 -> write to module log but not stderr/stdout 
     34#Debug                           # Write out debug messages (optional) 
     37lenSEED      512                 # The size of SEED records to read from LISS 
     38                                 # OPTIONAL; defaults to 512 bytes. 
     40SocketTimeout  30                # Socket timeout in seconds; not more than 
     41                                 # HeartBeatInterval 
     43TraceLength    100               # Number of trace data samples to put in one 
     44                                 # TRACE_BUF packet. Range is 10 - 1000 
     46# List each Internet source in an "Address" command, followed by the IP number (or 
     47# DNS name) and port number. 
     48# Following each Address command, list one or more sta/comp/net/location expected from 
     49# that source in an "SCNL" command, followed by the station, component, network and 
     50# location codes.  Location code (LC) is a 2-digit code to further 
     51# identify a seismological data path. LC (and ONLY LC) may be given as `*' to 
     52# specify a wildcard. If the LISS has more than one LC for a give SCN, 
     53# using the wildcard will generate errors in the log file. 
     54# If liss2ew sees an SCNL which is not listed here, it will be ignored. 
     56Address    4168 
     57SCNL  WMOK BHZ  US  00  
     58SCNL  WMOK BHN  US  00   
     59SCNL  WMOK BHE  US  00  
     60SCNL  WMOK LHZ  US  00  
     61SCNL  WMOK LHN  US  00  
     62SCNL  WMOK LHE  US  00  
     64Address    4166 
     65SCNL  AFI  BHE  IU  00 
     66SCNL  AFI  BHN  IU  00 
     67SCNL  AFI  BHZ  IU  00 
     68SCNL  AFI  LHE  IU  00 
     69SCNL  AFI  LHN  IU  00 
     70SCNL  AFI  LHZ  IU  00 
    2073== Helpful Hints ==