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Earthworm Module: file2ring

Contributed by: UW Seattle


Retrieves and prints the menu from the wave server.


Program getmenu gets the menu from an Earthworm wave server.

getmenu <host>:<port>

Getmenu retrieves and prints the menu from the wave server running on host at a specific TCP port . The menu is a list of all the station-component-network-location (SCNL) combinations and their time period currently available from the wave server. This menu does NOT identify any gaps in the data at the wave server. Host can be a hostname or an IP address.

Example command lines:





getmenu localhost:16022

Example output:

Tank contents:
pin:  124    YEL.EHZ.CC.--  Start: 20060528_0536_58.19  End: 20060528_0600_00.19

pin:  117   RAFT.EHZ.CC.--  Start: 20060528_0349_13.21  End: 20060528_0600_00.19

pin:  105    NP1.HHZ.ZZ.01  Start: 20060530_1848_16.00  End: 20060601_1424_46.00

pin:  101    NP1.HHZ.ZZ.--  Start: 20060523_1356_12.00  End: 20060530_1835_36.00

pin:  106    NP1.HHN.ZZ.01  Start: 20060530_1848_16.00  End: 20060601_1424_53.00

pin:  103    NP1.HHN.ZZ.--  Start: 20060523_1356_13.00  End: 20060530_1835_36.00

pin:  104    NP1.HHE.ZZ.01  Start: 20060530_1848_15.00  End: 20060601_1424_40.00

pin:  102    NP1.HHE.ZZ.--  Start: 20060523_1356_16.00  End: 20060530_1835_36.00

pin:   71    DCP.199.NT.--  Start: 19860214_0000_00.00  End: 19890307_1125_24.29

pin:   50    DCP.198.NT.--  Start: 19860202_0000_00.00  End: 19890307_1125_24.29

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