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Earthworm Module: geqproc

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Clone of eqproc designed to work with glass. (new in EW v7.0)


geqproc was cloned from eqproc with a few imortant differences. First, geqproc listens for messages of type TYPE_LOC_GLOBAL (this is hard-wired). Glass, for example, produces this message type. It converts these messages to TYPE_HYP2000ARC and passes them on down the "sausage." Second, the message gathering, assembly and "final" declaration are NOT done by geqproc since this functionality has been built into glass. Rather, the TYPE_LOC_GLOBAL messages are simply queued and then passed on. If running binder_ew, eqproc should be used not geqproc.

geqproc is the first process in the earthquake-processing mega-module (sometimes referred to as "the sausage") that produces final earthquake locations for the Earthworm system. Only geqproc, the first link in the mega-module, is listed in startstop's configuration file to be started by startstop. geqproc then starts the next process, specified in its "PipeTo" command, and communicates with it via a one-directional pipe. Each newly created sub-module starts the next link in the same way. From startstop's point of view, the whole mega-module inherits the name of the first link (geqproc) and that's the only name it displays. From statmgr's point of view, all processes within the mega-module share one module id, one heartbeat, and one descriptor file. However, each sub-module has its own configuration file and its own log file.

Example Configuration File

# Configuration file for geqproc
# Alternate head of mega-module not unlike eqproc or eqprelim.
# We pick up TYPE_LOC_GLOBAL from the input ring (as output by global_proc),
# convert to TYPE_HYP2000ARC, and then pass along the pipe.  There
# is no throttle or waiting to make sure this is the "final" version
# as that task is assumed to be performed elsewhere such as in global_proc.
# Note also that we throw out any arrivals not suitable for Hypo (e.g. depth
# phases).  This is dangerous and could result in a solution considerably
# less accurate than the original.  It is concommitant upon the user to
# assure that geqproc is attached to a ring that only has global loc
# messages for areas with dense station coverage for which picks are
# included in the incoming message.  eqfilterII may be used for this task.

LogFile 1     # 0 means don't create a disc log file. 1=> do.
              # 2 means write to module log but not to stderr/stdout
OutRing    HYPO_RING
HeartBeatInt 30
PipeTo "eqbuf eqbuf.d"

# Optional Debug switch - if this is uncommented
# lots of debug messages will be produced

# What message logos to listen to. Can be more than one, but no more
# than five.
# The type is one of TYPE_LOC_GLOBAL, no choice


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