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Earthworm Module: file2ring

Contributed by: Lynn Dietz


Load contents of file into a ring.


Reads the contents of a single-message plain text file and places it in a specified Earthworm transport ring with the given message logo. Look at the earthworm.d and earthworm_global.d for message types you can send, and module names you can send the messages to.

Useful for feeding known messages to Earthworm modules for testing.

Usage: file2ring <filename> <ring_name> <installation_id> <module_id> <message_type> Example: file2ring test.arc HYPO_RING INST_MENLO MOD_EQPROC TYPE_HYP2000ARC

Example 2: file2ring reconfigure.txt WAVE_RING INST_CIT MOD_STARTSTOP TYPE_RECONFIG

In Example 2 contents of reconfigure.txt is the word "reconfigure"... This example sends "Startstop" the message to reconfigure, which is the same as typing 'recon' in the interactive startstop console window.

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