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Earthworm Module: config_ws


Create the WaveServerV tankfiles based on polling of a WAVE_RING. (new in EW v7.0)


The config_ws program listens to a WAVE_RING for TRACEBUF or TRACEBUF2 messages and writes the necessary tank files format for WaveServerV. This is useful if you have to sniff a ring and archive all of the trace's from that ring, but you don't know exactly what SCN/SCNL's are on it. config_ws will poll a WAVE_RING and find all TRACEBUF or TRACEBUF2 messages and build the WaveServerV tank files for all SCN or SCNL's it finds.

This module was contributed from the NEIC Hydra project by John Patton.

Warning: only tested under Windows.

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